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What Can FLATC’s Rehabilitation Center in Florida Do For You?

If you have been suffering from addiction, or know someone who is, treatment is available at a quality rehabilitation center in Florida. We offer comprehensive programs to patients that can ensure that addicts’ lives are not derailed as a result of their addiction.

Often, addicts do not seek treatment on their own, and it becomes necessary for friends and family members to intervene to get them into a rehabilitation center in Florida. We offer a number of services that can help individuals in Fort Lauderdale overcome addiction. In order to explore what we offer, ask us about the following:

  • How we can help get an individual to accept help – addicts often fail to recognize their problem.  Family members can help encourage their loved ones with the help of our intervention programs. We can help show addicts how their addiction is affecting their own lives, and the lives of those around them.
  • Insurance acceptance – there are many insurance plans that offer coverage for the treatment of addiction. Contact us for more information on the programs at our rehabilitation center that can be billed to your insurance provider.
  • Payment options – we can help you discover a program at our rehabilitation center that will fit your budget. If you require inpatient treatment, that is more costly, but there are payment options available. Typically addicts have spent all of their money on funding their addiction and have limited resources available. Payment plans, subsidized charitable programs, and other funding resources are available and we can help you discover them so that cost doesn’t have to limit your recovery.
  • Treatment programs – individuals have different ideas about what they want out of treatment. Some prefer to stick to a program that does not use further medication, as they want to remain entirely substance free after overcoming their addiction. Others might prefer a more traditional approach. Whatever your preference, there are options available to you that will fall within your comfort zone!
  • Family involvement – family plays a large role in addiction, and often family members require treatment just as the addicts do. After years of indirectly supporting the drug use behavior by providing financial support, or other help to an addict, it is hard for loved ones to know how to stop. With treatment, family members can recover themselves, and learn how to appropriately assist an addict in a way that encourages the recovery process.
  • Program duration – the duration of the programs varies, and a treatment professional can provide advice on what is most appropriate for an addict based on their addiction history.
  • Activities – a distraction from the addiction is highly beneficial, and we offer various, healthy activities at our rehab center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The environment of Fort Lauderdale makes it an ideal place for addicts to get outside, remain active, and learn to relax.

For more information on rehabilitation center in Florida, contact us for yourself, or on behalf of a loved one.