Alumni: Support Group

FLAT C Alumni group meets every Thursday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Alumni Support Group

Recovery from addiction does not happen overnight. Knowing that you have a support group of people who have experienced the same transition you have is key to your future success. At the Fort Lauderdale Addiction Treatment Center, we know that part of the invaluable services we offer are our support groups. During your time in recovery, you made valuable connections with people who were working towards the same goals as you, conquering their addictions for good. These people have become your friends, your allies, and your confidants. The value of maintaining a support group upon leaving our rehab facility can assist with your future success on your journey towards permanent sobriety.

The bond that has been formed during group therapy can be maintained during your alumni support groups. The relationships you have made can be both motivating and strengthening as you make your way back into real world life. No one ever said life would be easy, and that goes for everyone, whether in recovery or not. Having friends to talk to who understand the challenges you face can make this transition smoother along the way. That is what a support group is all about. You are there for each other in times of joy, in times of need, and in times when support is the key that can make the difference in choices that you are faced with at any given moment in time.

For those of you residing here in South Florida, our alumni support group programming is convenient and close to home. For those residing away from the South Florida area, we will provide you with information of support groups near you. Whatever you need to make the transition back into a productive life, at Fort Lauderdale Addiction Treatment Center we strive to provide it for you. We are here for you every step of your journey.