Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions of clients at Fort Lauderdale Addiction Treatment Center. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call us: (954) 764-6556


Q: Can I smoke at Fort Lauderdale Rehab?

A: Yes, in designated smoking areas.


Q: What do I pack?

A: You should pack 7-10 days’ worth of comfortable clothing to include a bathing suit and flip flops for the beach, sneakers and anything you would wear to the gym.  You must bring your own toiletries (do not take mouthwash with alcohol) however perfume or cologne is allowed.


Q: Will I be sharing a room with anyone?

A: Yes rooms are either 2 or 3 to a room.


Q: Can I bring my cell phone, laptop, or iPad?

A: No


Q: Can I call my parents when I get there to tell them I have arrived safely?

A: Yes


Q: Will someone meet me at the airport when I arrive?

A: Yes, there will be someone to meet you at the airport by the baggage claim with a sign stating your first and last name.


Q: Do we have to cook our own meals?

A: Yes, you will be responsible for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Q: Can I have visitors?

A: Yes, visiting day is Sunday however all visitors must be pre-approved by your primary therapist.


Q: Do we go to outside meetings?

A: Yes


Q: Is this a 12 step treatment program?

A: Yes


Q: How many hours per week do I have of therapy?

A: 30 hours of clinical services which includes primarily group psychotherapy, weekly psychiatric consults, and individual psychotherapy.


Q: How many hours per week do I have with my private therapist?

A: Patients meet with their primary therapist once per week.