What to Expect from Drug Treatment at FLATC

How Does Drug & Alcohol Rehab Work?

Entering rehab can be a scary time, and knowing what to expect can make it easier to begin the road to recovery success. From initial contact through until the program is complete, it can be beneficial for everyone involved to be included in the process. A simple phone call to coordinate transportation once the decision has been made to begin treatment will be the initial step in the right direction. No aspect of transportation is left unplanned, as we begin with a driver to pick up either at the airport or anywhere in South Florida. Transportation is arranged to and from treatment, and to and from home or airport. This is the first step of what to expect when heading towards a life of sober living.

  1. Excellent Staff. We provide a caring staff to ensure that each person is always treated with dignity and respect. It is just as vital for the person wanting to overcome his or her addiction as it is for their family members to know what to expect from our staff of clinical specialists. They are passionate about helping people achieve sobriety, and have diverse training in various aspects and understanding of addiction.
  2. Family & Friends. When asking about what to expect, contact is always forefront on the minds of loved ones. No cell phones are allowed in rehab, however, accessibility to the phone here is provided. Visitation is permissible after two weeks. Family support is crucial to the recovery process and is encouraged. Programs to assist families are also available.
  3. Life Outside of Rehab. Resuming a normal life is vital, and activities that foster a love of life are encouraged. In this area, what to expect will include weekly beach trips, use of a gymnasium, and other therapeutic recreational activities. Nutrition consultations are provided. The fostering of a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in replacing unhealthy behaviors.

A phone call can provide additional information about what to expect from our medical staff, general doctor, psychiatry services, and addictionologists. We take the time to go over the programs we have available, and create individualized plans for each person. Please call us with any questions about what to expect from rehab and how we can help you achieve your goals for a sober life.