Why Should I Go to Rehab?

What Rehab in Florida Can Do for You

Denial – it is a powerful concept. For the addict or alcoholic, denial plays a large role in their everyday life. Why go to rehab when my life is fine the way it is, they might say. Needless to say, this is a dangerous thought pattern to engage in. Addiction and alcoholism create a tightly woven grasp upon an individual’s life. In many cases, it may take a serious situation, consequence, or setback for them to realize the need to take some type of action. Rehab offers separation from the current environment and its temptations, the day to day stressors that are present, a structured environment for implementation of self-discipline through exposure to the 12 step follow ship while still receiving individualized care and treatment, and a chance to be sober and make better decisions. There are also numerous other reasons to go to rehab, including:

  1. Why go to rehab? It may save your life. – Addicts and alcoholics engage in varied dangerous behaviors that can put their life in jeopardy. Theft, unprotected sexual liaisons, unhealthy eating habits, cigarette smoking, driving under the influence, and other such behaviors can put them at risk of jail time or even death.
  2. Why go to rehab? It betters the odds for long-term recovery. – In most cases, it is rehab that provides the tools required for successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Education about the addiction process is presented from a biological, social, and environmental standpoint. The counselors in rehab are trained to provide the guidance required for recovery. Individual and group therapy have both been proven effective. The support received here can set up a person for future success.
  3. Why go to rehab? It provides a network of positive, like-minded individuals for support. The theory that we are what we know is a perfect example of this scenario. For the addict who surrounds themselves with other addicts who are unwilling to change, recovery is virtually impossible. However, being surrounded by sober individuals with a positive outlook can provide a positive outcome. Connecting with others who are going through the same experiences can be mutually beneficial.
  4. Why go to rehab? It will improve your health. The first factor in this equation is that giving up drugs and alcohol immediately benefits the overall health of the individual. In many cases, eating a healthy and nutritious diet and adding in exercise can take the place of the previous toxic chemical mix used for endorphin release. Exercise and nutrition play a vital role in providing positive feelings for the body and mind.
  5. Why go to rehab? It can save money. This is not just about the money spent on drugs and alcohol, although that will make up quite a large portion of the savings. Add in time missed from work without pay, missed promotions and pay increases, and money that might have been inadvertently lost when in a stupor, and you have quite a difference.

These are just some of the many answers to the question – why go to rehab, and there are many more reasons why this is the right choice. Know that we are here to help, anytime at all.